On many Tuesday nights, we host Soundings, a forum where a member or friend of our congregation presents something of interest that has to do with the intersection of faith and our daily lives. Soundings is on Tuesdays and begins at 7pm. For more information about the schedule or to be involved, please contact the Church Office. We hope to see you there!

You can find the current season of events on the Christ Church Calendar.

As part of growing together and enriching our faith, it is important to study the Scriptures. The following notes were originally prepared for various sessions of Soundings. We hope you find them encouraging to your faith.

--Gospel of Luke Notes [PDF, 1.6mb]
--Leviticus Notes [PDF, 1.8mb]

5, 12, 19, and 26 June 2018 at 7pm

In most of our Eucharistic prayers, every Sunday, there is a reference to the ‘new covenant’ in Jesus's blood. Covenant—or agreement or promise—is one of the most important and prevalent themes in all the Scriptures, mostly referring to how God relates to his people. Join us for four sessions co-led by the Christ Church clergy on covenants: from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David to the New Covenant.
Audio Kinney - Covenants, Part 1: Introduction to Abraham (.mp3, 19mb) | Handout (.pdf)
Audio Waltner - Covenants, Part 2: Moses (.mp3, 22mb) | Handout (.pdf)
Audio Curran - Covenants, Part 3: David (.mp3, 20mb) | Handout (.pdf)
Audio Kinney - Covenants, Part 4: New Covenant/Conclusion (.mp3, 10mb) | Handout (.pdf) | Powerpoint (.pptx)
Misused and Misinterpreted Passages of Scripture
16, 23, and 30 May, 2017, at 7pm
Rev'd Dr. Robert S. Kinney

"This too shall pass."
--Ecclesiastes 3:23.

It's an encouraging statement of comfort in a time of challenge. Yet, in fact, it's not actually in the Bible. There aren't even 23 verses in Ecclesiastes 3! For as long as there has been a Bible, there have been people misquoting and misinterpreting it by taking verses out of both historical and literary context, importing into things that aren't there, misapplying it, and simply arguing about what it all means. And still today, the Twitterization of verses can conceal a richer meaning as easily as convey it. Join us for a short series of Soundings in which we look at a handful of famous passage from the Bible and maybe, possibly, figure out what they actually mean.Recordings of these Soundings sessions are available:
Audio Session 1 - Text in Context (.mp3, 17.4mb)
Audio Session 2 - What Isn't Really There (.mp3, 15.0mb)
Audio Session 3 - Application? (.mp3, 21.9mb)