DATE: The next UNComplicated is on on Friday, 17 January, 2020.
TIME: 12.30-13.15 (talk at 12.45).
VENUE: The Black Box Church
     (Katholische Kirche Christus, Hoffnung der Welt)
     at Donau-City-Straße 2, 1220 Wien
     Please use the side entrance (toward the VIC) and the stairwell to the lower level.
PUBLICITY: Download [pdf, 280kb]

Join us for a short talk and open discussion. Lunch provided.

Where did the Bible come from? How do we know it is reliable? Christians are ‘people of the book,’ and yet few know where the book comes from or why it is important to know how reliable it is.

Revd Dr. Robert S. Kinney SPEAKER: Revd Dr. Robert S. Kinney
Robert is the Director of Ministries of the Charles Simeon Trust and a priest at Christ Church in Vienna. Born in the US, he trained as a New Testament scholar at the University of Bristol and has published a monograph on the Gospel of Matthew as well as several articles on the New Testament, preaching, and rhetoric.