On this website, you can find information about our various church activities and services. Please have a look around and get to know us a bit and then plan to come for a visit. We are always excited to have visitors!

Der Besuch unseres Gotteshauses sowie der Gottesdienste und anderer Veranstaltungen steht allen Menschen offen. Beachten Sie bitte, dass alle Gottesdienste und Veranstaltungen in englischer Sprache abgehalten werden!
Christ Church, the Anglican/Episcopal Church in Vienna, seeks to be a welcoming and caring church, providing a spiritual home for all generations that respects diversity and invites people from every walk of life to worship God, to grow as Christians in faith and understanding as well as to participate in God’s mission to the world as disciples of Jesus and stewards of God’s creation.

Led by God’s grace, we aim to:
  • Inspire our community to live and work to God’s praise and glory;
  • Engage with one another through the shared experience of worship, education and social events;
  • Reach out to younger generations in ways that affirm the relevance of the Christian faith for today;
  • Build a culture of stewardship, based on the belief that God’s provision is generous and we are stewards, not owners, of everything we possess: our talents; money; time; possessions; the world around us and:
  • Serve God through service to others;
  • Share and meet with those in need;
  • Donate ten per cent of our income to charity;
  • Work together to embed environmental concerns in our worship, teaching and action.