Theology on Tap
Theology on Tap is a series of open forum discussions for both Christians and non-Christians on topics relevant to the Church and society. Our next one will be held on October 11.
Is Humanity Making Progress?
Advances in science, technology and the arts, as well as increased production of goods and services suggest that human society is evolving in a productive way. Much of the rhetoric surrounding globalization seems to indicate things are, or should be, getting better.

However, increasing distrust towards once cherished institutions is on the rise. Social divisions, economic disparity, environmental degradation—within developed and under-developed societies—and continuing conflict in the form of terrorism and war are realities. These pose significant challenges to the notion we are making progress. Join a few local clergy for an open conversation on the complex question of human progress and related topics.

Grab a drink. Ask your questions. Watch some clergy sweat.

Thursday, October 11, 6:30pm (6:30pm for food and drink, open questions starting at 7pm).
Café Museum | Operngasse 7 | 1010 Wien Karlsplatz (U1/U2/U4)